Environmental Authorizations/Permits and Licenses

✔ Environmental Impact Assessment                            
✔ Mining Rights and Permit                                          
✔ Water Use License                                                      
✔ Rectification of Unlawful Development                     
✔ Waste Management License                                      

Environmental Management Plans

✔ Waste Management Plan
✔ Stormwater Management Plan
✔ Rehabilitation Plan
✔ Dust Control Plan

Environmental Compliance and Monitoring

✔ Environmental Control Officers                                  
✔ Mining Monitoring and Auditing                               
✔ Land Rehabilitation Monitoring                                  
✔ Construction Monitoring and Auditing
✔ Waste Management/Landfill Auditing
✔ Water Use Monitoring and Auditing


✔ Geotechnical Investigations
✔ Geohydrological Studies
✔ GIS Mapping and Modelling



Do you offer everything to do with in environment ?

Yes we offer everything, no project is too big and no place is too. We will be there for you wherever you need our services.

Do you work anywhere in South Africa ?

We come where ever you need us in South Africa in all the provinces you need us and trust us we are good at what we do .

Do you Specialize only on environmental issues or projects ?

No, our services include variety of specialized services. we also offer engineering and geo spatial studies

Is it important to Include Environmentalist on our projects ?

Yes, environmentalist play an important role in ensuring compliance with environmental, health and safety laws. We provide mitigation measures for impacts to achieve zero-pollution and a risk free environment

Do you go an extra mile when working with clients ?

We treat all our clients like family but also not forgetting business have principles.